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Linogravures PICASSO

Tete de Femme de profile

Tete de Femme de profile

Ref. : 17
Title : Tete de Femme de profile
Plate n° : 2
Medium : edited on Paper : Velin
HistoricalDescription : Referenced under the plate number : N°2 of the linogravures from Picasso made in 1958 Listed and illustrated into the Catalogue raisonné Georges Bloch and into the Boeck Wilhelm French Title of this plate : Tete de femme de profile
ImageSize :
SheetSize : 27 X 35 cm
FramedSize : not framed
Signed : au crayon en bas à Droite
Edition : 1962 Cercle d'Art Paris
Condition : Delivered with a Museum Certificate Price on request

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