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Salvador DALI

Les dix Commandements Sataniques

Les dix Commandements Sataniques

Ref. : 404
Title : Les dix Commandements Sataniques
Medium : Pure silver (999%)10 medals inside two Altuglass blocs
HistoricalDescription : Ten silver medals with eroticals subjects into two blocs of Altuglass five in each. Created in 1975 every one is differend ans have 10 cm of diameter. Thoses pieces are into the sale catalogue of the french auctionneer CAMARD Paris Sale date 14/06/2007 estimate 3000 / 4000 € lot N°122 page 116 of the catalogue ATTENTION THIS IS THE TALLER EDITION. WE PRESENT IN THE OTHER PICTURE A SMALLER EDITION DO NOT CONFUSE THEM
ImageSize :
SheetSize : 10 cm diameter each medal
FramedSize : 40 X 29 X 5,5 cm
Signed : yes every silver medal is signed and the both blocs of Altuglass are signed too.
Edition : Plate N° 22 Edition 1976 Le Connaisseur, Société Française d'Edition des Collections.
Condition : weight 4500 g
Price : on request €

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