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Affortunato Gory

Danseuse orientale à l'Aigle

Danseuse orientale  à l'Aigle

Ref. : 326
Title : Danseuse orientale à l'Aigle
Medium : Bronze doré à la feuille d'or
HistoricalDescription : This Bronze from Gory was passed a lot of years on garden décoration in Cote d'Azur. He soffer of all thoses years under the mediteranean sun and salt wind . we have do a lot of efforts to give it a new old gold cover, make in hand but the results do not pull over the traces of the time... For the people who love Gory that's stay a nice figure of Bronze. We do make again a new pictures to present it better.
ImageSize :
Signed : yes GORY
Price : 4 500 €

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